Timber frame- and window frame transportation racks

Emtomech is taking care of the production and delivery of racks based on the design, wishes and requirements that we receive from our customers. In this way we took care of different projects for a variety of customers. The whole production process is managed by ourselves that is one of the reasons we have a good position in the market and can offer a great price quality for the racks we make.

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We invest in our customers , We invest in our future...

The desire to be better and better always distinguishes us from our competitors. We will always follow the latest technology to renew our production lines, increasing our staff every day, we will continue to instill the perspective of our company. We know that the foundations of better quality service go through this path. In parallel with our expanding capacity, we are constantly improving our organizational structure. While our quality team makes measurements of your products and service, you have the pleasure of working with Emtomech.


Are you looking for freedom in design and materials? Then casting is the perfect production method for you. Our specialization is providing sand-cast products that should meet special properties. With our extensive experience in foundry and a versatile range of additional services, we accompany you from concept to finished product.


When dimensional accuracy is playing a major role in casting, post-process machining is often necessary because a casting from the factory is still subject to shrinkage. Does your product require exact dimensional tolerances? Then we turn, mill and drill it completely in accordance with your specifications.


Surface treatment tailored for you. Surface treatment tailored for you. By means of blasting we can rid metal parts of filth such as sand residue, rust or old paint. If required we can apply a paint system after this treatment,


For constructive reasons, castings sometimes must be combined with welding and forging. A process that requires the necessary (material) knowledge and experience, as the weldability of cast iron varies by type and composition. You want to be sure of a good connection? Then our construction department is happily at your service!


Do you have specific product requirements which have never been applied before? Or, for example, should an existing welded product be converted to casting? Because of our experience and empathy we are regularly asked to think along and work out ideas with our 3D CAD program.


your product or project still in the development stage? Then we like to think along with you from the beginning. For example, we can be of service with a technical feasibility study and a cost estimate. We also offer support in renovation projects where cast iron parts should be restored to their former glory. Using our 3D CAD program, we can even copy everything you desire from an old photograph or summary information. Guidance from the first idea to the finished product, that’s our strength.

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