Transport Racks

Are you looking for racks for proper and safe transportation of your timber frame/prefabricated elements or windows? We are the supplier with extensive experience in the production and delivery of transport racks that meet your needs and requirements. The entire production is done in-house, allowing for custom production in addition to the delivery of our standard sizes.

  • Quick contact and quote
  • Both standard sizes and custom options
  • Delivery from our own factory
  • Racks with your company logo
  • Perfect price-quality ratio

The transport racks are divided into two types: Type A and Type B. Both racks are T-shaped, allowing elements to be placed against the frame on both sides in the middle of the rack.

Type A

T-shaped transport rack
3000 x 1250 x 2695 mm
Loading capacity: 5.000 kg

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Type B

T-shaped transport rack
6000 x 1250 x 2695 mm
Loading capacity: 10.000 kg

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The racks are manufactured using the best materials, and post-production inspection ensures the loading capacity and quality of the racks are guaranteed. Combined with the galvanized frames, you have high-quality racks for use within your company. Personalizing the racks with your company logo is also possible.

Are you looking for racks for the transport and storage of timber frame elements, glass or frames? Or would you like to receive more detailed information after reading this? Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our standard and custom solutions. We are happy to assist you with a suitable offer.